Remote Stands - Pax not boarding

Hi all, First post after searching for hours trying to work out what’s going on.

I’m currently on Alpha 32.10-0 (New build Airport on this version) and I’ve got an issue with Passengers congregating in the boarding area. I’ve got 6 remote stands which are zoned correctly as far as I can tell, 3 Bus bays (2 stands per bay) and a Service Car zone all within proximity of the terminal. I cannot seem to get any passengers to board. Everything else seems to work okay, Catering, Cleaning, Baggage etc.

Passengers come off the flights and exit security, baggage claim and leave terminal but my flights all just get stuck at the remote stands with Boarding at 0. I’ve also got a decent surplus of ramp vehicles too.

Jetway gates all work fine.

Anyone else experienced this or have any idea what I might be doing wrong?

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So as I understand;

  • Everything works except boarding passengers. Boarding doesn’t start at all. (If it is wrong please inform me)

So there might be 3 reasons of it;

  • You don’t have enough apron busses to start boarding
  • You don’t have enough airport staff to start boarding desk
  • There is a zone coverage issue in between boarding desk and apron bus stop (or maybe before boarding desk)

Please check them out and return to us :wink:

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Thank you - I have checked these. I have a surplus of staff and buses. It must be zoning from all I can tell but I can’t see it. The gate lounge/terminal area is zoned as secure, as are the bus stops. I have noted that the buses turn up and that the boarding desks are staffed… but the customers don’t get up from their seats and don’t board the buses.

I have noted that the buses turn up and that the boarding desks are staffed…

So bus arrives and parks to remote stand bus stop?

EDIT: Also could you post a screenshot with zones enabled?

Do you have service cars? I notice alot of ramp agents waiting on the service car stop.

Do you have service cars? I notice alot of ramp agents waiting on the service car stop.

He said ramp agent tasks work fine. Maybe they are waiting their car or maybe they don’t have staff room to rest. However I am sure that it has no effect on passenger bug.

It’s a well known bug. Game doesn’t work with less bus bays than remote stands.
In your screenshot is one bus waiting to the one on the bay. But (that’s my opinion) if the game KI says, the PAX from the other bus has to board first, this situation blocks the boarding process of all remote stands.

In the meantime, I’ve given up on the idea of building remote stands at all, because too many is still not working.

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Pretty sure this is the problem

See the screenshot attached. I have since turned off the remote stands and focussed on building a new concourse/pier with Jetway stands.

This bus was ‘stuck’ for no known reason. I tried to sell it/send it to depot and it was just stuck there. It’s task was ‘unload’

I’ve since re-opened one stand, associated to one desk and one bus stop.

I’ve gotten a bit of traction now. I’ve got boarding… but the last 5 or 6 passengers never board, no bus waits at the stand and the aircraft just gets stuck waiting for the last 5 people.

Probably easier if you just file a bug report for this so that I can check it out. Do you have a bug report number?

At the time, I tried to submit a bug report from within the application but got a HTTP 500 error. I’ve since removed them and built over the area sorry.

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