Remote stands [Implemented]

What i think is that this game could have early/late into development is that we could have Remote stands and or Stands that take up more space but allows aircraft up to the size of an A320/B737 to turn around on under it’s own power like slots 91-98 at KIX Terminal 2 operated by Peach Airlines allowing aircraft to turn around under their own power. By making a 360 degree turn around, also we could have LCC Terminals as they have some options to remove from what we would consider a normal terminal, No AC, No Jetway, Single Story Building, and separating the Domestic Gates from International Gates.


Remote stands are an often requested feature - and unless anything’s changed the answer’s still that they won’t be present in the first release, but will probably appear in an update further down the line.

I think there has been discussion about aircraft leaving the stand under their own power too. I’m not sure it’s something that would be hugely valuable as it would tale up more space on the apron.

You can make any sort of terminal you want in the game, presumably including terminals with and without jetways. In the initial release all airports will be single story buildings - again, that looks set to be upgraded in a future release.

Another idea that would be quite interesting to implement once multi layer terminals are introduced is a terminal with multiple concourses accessed by underground walkways/trains. Of course infrastructure such as the baggage system would also have to be routed underground to reach the remote concourses.

The better way is to make terminal levels.

I want to be able to vote for this feature

I want to take this idea to 1 step further: I know Fredrik liked this idea and he said he would implement it but time flies and tings can be fogotten :slight_smile:

So basically there will be 2 types of remote stands: 1. Accessible by walking to terminal 2. Cobus. Player can select whichever he wants to create.


Might want to merge your votes with this one, or visa-versa?

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I would suggest if you have voted for this feature that you retract your vote by pressing the vote button again and applying it to the feature mentioned by @Rubble to push that one higher in the voting