Remote stands - bus leaves from terminal too late (including if all passengers already on it)

I mentioned this a couple weeks ago in main Beta 5 thread. Raising here to discuss anyone else’s experiences of this without clogging up the main thread.

I’m finding remote stands unusable due to the airside bus leaving the bus bay/boarding gate with such a short time remaining to reach the stand and allow the passengers to get off the bus and onto the aircraft.

ACEO-40601 is one most recent example, though not the “best example”. It shows a departure bus waiting around 30mins after boarding closing before driving to stand. it waited after the last passenger had boarded, for a quite long time before leaving the bay.

Maybe this is a slightly glitch or imbalance with the timings on remote stands.

Anyone else experiencing any issues with remote stands and the timings for the bus reaching the stand for boarding?

Previously, I had medium stands with same issue, even with doubling up the number of desks, even to having 8 desk channels for boarding at the gate, the buses would still hang around for 1+ game hours in the bay before driving to the aircraft, often with only a few game minutes to spare, causing a delay which impacts airline satisfaction, also risks causing a backlog for the stand.

(Apologies if this may already be tweaked in beta 6! :slight_smile: )

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Last time I have played on Beta 6 this week, all my remote stands were able to depart on time. Some of them have also a bigger distance to drive.

But I will take a look today again. Specially on the busses and if they leave directly when the last pax is on bord.

Ok, it’s still not perfect in Beta 6.0-3 and something is weird with the passenger service agents. May this could be a cause for the waiting issue?

Boarding is completed at 09:50. But the busses are still not moving.

And some passengers left notes about not finding the path even when they were directly in front of the desk.

Passenger Services agents want to leave the desk but then immediately assign the job at the same boarding desk again. This repeats until the bus departs.

Finally they go at 10:17

All services at the aircraft are done since long time

Same affects medium remote stands too.

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Also still an issue and a possible reason:
The boarding time changes by 1 hour for every remote stand as soon as the aircraft has parked.

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