Remote stand not pick up passanger

my bus and service car not doing anything just idling all fine zoning and etc ?

is it bug ?

Can you show where the connected service car stop is with both zoning on and off?

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Yes, this would be helpful! :slight_smile:

here the zoning

stand still boarding in progress but the bus not moving at alll m the weird thing is service car stop using secure zoning no ramp agent can pass,but after i changed it to staff zone the can cross

and service car stop just idle on garage

If i see it correct, your bus stop for arrivals it not within a secure zone.

And next would be that your passengers will not be able to walk over the striped area of the bus stop to reach the crosswalk. That part is only for vehicles.

And as you can notice, you have plenty of dead secure zones and international zones. When you remove them you may get a little performance boost :wink:

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i found out my solution was

my service car must in secure zone,and make tunnel for security check point for staff and staff shop to get to secure area

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