Remote stand issues

I have dozen remote stands in my airport which function annoyingly to say the least. Every perhaps 6 flights go off without a hitch however every 7th flight there will be a pasenger which fails to board the shuttle bus to get to the plane. This means the plane will remain on stand after all the services have been received just waiting for this one passenger that will never come because the check in desk no longer accepts people and the shuttle bus has already departed. This means I have to manually dismiss these aircraft. Is there any way to prevent this?

Interesting question…
As remote stands never ever have been working properly, I do not use them any more…
As I read here, there was no progress about them, or has anybody other experience with latest Version…?

The devs have taken a deserved vacation, and should be returning shortly. Meanwhile I believe alpha 34 is in priority, they have to start squashing bugs on the internal branch then after full release to exspirimenal they can work on remote stands.

@gobarn, have you filed a bug report for this issue? I’d like to look into the save.

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