Remote stand: buses not picking up last passengers


I’ve encountered an issue with getting passengers to my remote stands. It seems that my shuttle buses stop transporting passengers when there are a few not yet boarded. This causes huge delays and a decrease in airline satisfaction, since the flights get delayed. I have a huge surplus of shuttle buses (20 buses for 6 medium stands). Each remote stand has its own shuttle bus stop. There is no zoning issue. Does anyone know how to fix this? Here’s an example of the issue, using flight SA32.

Restarting the game didn’t work.

Thanks in advance,


Edit: bug-report MERC-176

Have you managed to locate those phantom passengers in your terminal? Because I have seen that on many flights there are a couple of pax missing but the plane leaves on time. I have no idea what would cause the issue though. You should send in a bug report and report the number here, that should help the devs.

Yes, they are at the boarding desk, often complaining they can’t find a path.

That really should not happen. Yeah, I suggest sending in a bug report… Maybe try adding more boarding stands if there aren’t enough.

Alright, I’ll try that, thanks.

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