Release Bundles

I just tried posting this on r/airportceo but then read the rules so I’m posting it here :slight_smile:

It would be cool to do something upon release that prison architect did. They had different game packages available (each only allowing a limited amount to be bought) allowing things such as custom prisoner names etc.

e.g. For ACEO you could offer x amount of packages (for a higher price) where the buyer can design their own airline to be put in the game, y amount where people can design and name a business for the terminal, and z amount where people can design passengers.

Seemed like a good idea for Prison architect to bring in funding, and helped keep the community in touch with development. I reckon it could work for this game too!


Let developing to developers and modding to modders. Also everyone deserves everything of game.


It’s not giving extra content, rather just acknowledging those who go the extra way for the development of the game.

I would just love to be able to pay a little extra to have one of the customers to randomly pop up with my name and customisation for me (and other players) to see.

They wanted to skip the funding part of the project

It’s really too late for this, a few months ago before competitions started this might have been possible.

Things like your own airline and business in the game are indeed not possible anymore since the devs already launched successful design competitions for those… Name in the game and others would still be possible however. :wink:

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