Regional Weather Hazards

I know the devs have said that weather will be a hazard and that you will be able to choose where your airport is located, so I was wondering if there would be regional weather hazards. For example, tornadoes in the American Midwest or maybe hurricanes if you decided to build in Florida.


I would say, given that they’re not particularly common worldwide that they are not an important part, especially as they can cause major destruction and you can’t really do anything against it.

It’s essentially deleting part of your airport with a fancy effect, it doesn’t add much of a challenge so it’s just a bit irritating because you lose a load of money and have to place stuff you’ve already placed in the past.

It could be interesting to watch, but I don’t think there’s much point.

Maybe tornadoes and hurricanes wasn’t the best examples. A better example is snow, it snows more if your airport is located in Scandinavia than at the Mediterranean.

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I do support snow and rain forcing certain operational behaviour and snow clearing vehicles. Also in hot countries leaving stuff outside may cause it to melt so you might need bunkers to keep things like fuel tanks in to stop them from leaking hot fuel everywhere.

This is better as it forces you to act in a certain way as opposed to just watch your airfield get destroyed, for example a wider, longer runway will help in high crosswinds alongside the appropriate instrumentation for low visibility operations, snow clearing fleets for the snow etc. Maybe a runway drainage upgrade or something that means you need to rebuild the whole runway, but there will be less standing water on it.


Inb4 modular everything! Not that i’m complaining ;p

We’re going really deep into detail on this forum lately… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I was thinking more about general differences in weather (and other factors) between regions, but rarer events like the ones I mentioned would be interesting to me at least along the same lines as incidents i.e. interrupting operations and forcing you to act.

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