Refueling very slow


since the last update i find the refueling and servicing aircrafts way slower than before. Many planes alre late for this. Is it something known ? Someone has the same issue ?

Not noticed on the aircraft, but intermittent on the fuel depot though that can take a couple of days to fill the tanks. A save and reload of course sorts it making filing a bug that tad bit harder. How many stands have you got? Fuel trucks and ramp agents?

I have 6 stands medium and basically i need 6 fuel trucks, cause it really takes a long time to refuel.
Before i was able to refuel 2 medium planes with 1 truck.

Yeah, you should be able to get away with two, I tend to run stands N+2 but my refuel depot is a long way away. Still do not answer why yours seem to be going slow though. Have you sent it.a bug report?

No i did not. I actually started a new airport and with small stands everything is fine ( of course small planes take kess time )
My fuel depot is always very close to the stands.
When i will build the medium gates i will see if again i need 1 truck for 1 plane.
What surprised me is that the fuel truck is still there after boarding and baggage despite arriving as soon as the plane is at the gate

i guess it’s something i have so maybe i did something with design

I’ve watched the refuelling process and depending on the size of the aircraft it takes shorter or longer (obviously), but even the bigger planes still have around 1,5 hour left on turnaround time when refuel is done.

I will double check, maybe it was an issue with that airport where all fuel trucks where on the stand till departure ( arriving when plane arrives )

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