Red icon on medium stand

Hi, i’m fairly new to this game (about 15 hours of play time). Can anyone please tell me what this red icon means? It’s on a medium stand in a terminal i have just extended - i used an underground section and escalators to extend.

All have been secure zoned

TIA :slight_smile:

Telling you need to attach a boarding desk. It’s a new feature.

Thanks @Stu - I’ve already attached a boarding desk? Maybe a bug?

Is it possible the doorway didn’t get secure zoning when the walls were removed?

I’ve had this when expanding my airport and moving stands from one location to another. Feels like a bug to as well. A S&RL fixes things till bug is squashed.

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Happened to me as well upon stand construction. All zones were correct and desks attached.

Save/Close and reopen did the trick and stand works correctly. Some minor bug.

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