Red exclamation point..!

what does it mean in international zone :
passenger can pass custom…
and all passages are marked with a red exclamation point…

It would be so nice that in the game you got a help text when those things occur…

how the hell did I know what you can do and must do!!

  1. It helps if you show screenshots, both without and with zoning enabled.
  2. In an international zone, every gate needs to have access to an immigration checkpoint.

I only ask for help…
Not… I send alot foto!

I write, why… in international zone, what more do need to see!
It’s only in this zone, it’s happened and normal it’s one help in explains
and it’s only a one answer, for helping…!

Is it zone, that’s do that’s and in the wall


I’m asking you to help us understand better. Please take screenshots of the area where the passengers are all the way to where the security exit is with both zoning on and off.

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Screenshots are allways helpfull to see directly where the issue is and it is not taking you any time more to take!

It is not first time your got rude to one who wants to help! This community here is known as friendly and helpfull so take care of your languagge


Very unfriendly Post.

sorry its misunderstanding how I replies

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