Recurring flights only appear once

So I was planning some flights in a new airport with small stands, and I noticed that some recurring flights disappear before they complete all of their flights, even when I just recently planned them. On the screenshots below, you can see that flight GW171, which has 4 flights in total, only appears on Saturday, and flight AS941 has 2 of 3 flights in the planner. Also reloaded the game once and it kept happening.

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some flights might be weekly and not daily

All flights offered in ACEO are daily.

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I’m also wondering how often the flights update to new ones? Or if it’s random. Also what it the refresh button for? :thinking: I pressed it, and the only thing it changes is the number of flights on currently offered flights.

You see at the bottom left corner a green exclamation mark when new flights are offered.

When you had the flight planner already open, it did not update when new flight offers came in. That’s why that refresh-button was added. Before you had to close and open the planner again to see the new offers.

The updates seem to be very random.

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Thanks :slight_smile: Follow up question. Even if i get the green exclamation mark. I still don’t see witch of my 10+ airlines that offered new flights? That would useful to see hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes… that belongs to one of the many things which could be improved in the flight planner. :slight_smile:

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Exactly, that’s why I was confused with the planner. Should I send a bug report?

I haven’t experienced what you are describing, so it looks like something specific to your current game. Bug report it and the devs will have a look at it.

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