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What recording software could youtubers use to record ACEO? Just wondering what recording software is needed for the game

Anything that can record the screen? There’s loads! Most famous one is Fraps I think but I’m sure you can actually just do it via steam now too anyway. Or youtube has it’s own stuff I think…

It’s nothing to do with ACEO though


I can imagine fraps would do just fine

Most big time streamers either use a paid option or the free OBS Studio, which is really good. Offers the ability to stream, record, or do both at the same time, plus options for elements/overlays and more.

It also is able to do this with minimal impact to your framerate, and did I mention it’s free?


It depend what your computer can handle


Just remember if you’re going to record the game to have a read through the EULA.


OBS and other common recording options should work well, unless the devs have done something massively strange, and even then most big name options have the ability to capture the entire screen which should never fail (it is not recommended use though).

Nowadays people keep telling me to use OBS and/or Shadowplay (if you use NVidia card)

Back in the day, I usually use Bandicam. While Fraps seems smoother, Bandicam can capture on a windowed screen but not capture the background.

If you use Windows 10, theres a way to get it to record for you, i believe by bringing up the game panel (win+g) and then if you have Nvidia experience (if you have a nvidia graphics card thats newer) theres also alpnother hotkey that lets you record games. Im pretty sure with both ways you can get a mic working. And the best part, theyre both free (since you may already have them) and you dont have to download anything!

What about Mac? Psh, gamers don’t play on macs. :wink:

Okay actually though, I do, so can someone give me a suggestion?

Dunno… Phone camera? Take a really long video selfie? Or maybe like… Teamviewer in from a windows PC and record that screen instead? :wink:

For Mac, I believe you can record using QuickTime Player. Here is a link on how you can do this.

Link: Top Three Video Recording Software for Mac to Record Screen on Mac OS

:slight_smile: Good point, I’ve used QuickTime a lot, good reminder. Thanks!

You could use OBS on Mac

Joyoshare Screen Recorder for Mac or OBS.

I have used Frap and OBS, I prefer OBS. When I tried to record game video with Frap, the game slows to a freaking crawl. OBS hasn’t given me any big problems. I have also used FoneLab, and it works fine so far.

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