Recommended baggage security procedure

What is the recommended procedure for baggage security? I think mine is wrong:

Bags with gasoline etc. are getting through…

I don’t see this from a security standpoint, but from an operations standpoint.

Your security setup is a major bottleneck in the baggage system.

Also, what about arriving baggage?

I apply most simple and most secure technique :rofl:

One scanner only, if is suspect, go to destructor… 1 bag on 4 go to destruction machine. May be little bit to drastic.

What about arriving baggage? You dont scan incoming bags? (except maybe it should be transfer to another flight and you dont trust the origin airport scanning procedures).

This was extrem and as mention above redundant. I have 3 generic scanners, but the are all fed by different incoming belts. Also, 3 manual scanners in a row? Is your airport in Syria or something where everyone has a gun and a grenade in the bag? :slight_smile:

I use procedure: if generic scanner find something, go to specific scanner, if specific scanner find something, go to manual, if manual find something go to destruction. One manual is mor e than enough as this never gets a bottleneck. Also, when scanning complete, dont send back to scanners, but to baggage bay direct.

I found it a bit fiddly to make the system. It should be possible to flip the scanners (not just rotate them). Also, letting overground belt passing underground belts would help a lot.


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