Realistic Weather Reporting

As of current the in game weather system reports temperature, wind, and rain.

It does not include basic weather reporting such as altimeter/QNH, visibility, cloud coverage/altitude (airport elevation), dew point and, thunder/lightning.

This added information could make the airport function better as in the following:

Altimeter/QNH could make aircraft indicate a lower than real altitude and hit a structure in the pattern.

Visibility is a side effect of rain and temperature/dew point. If it gets below 3 miles, the airport should shut down disrupting service if a precision approach is not built. (Not all approaches are precision.)

Cloud coverage and altitude can limit GA aircraft if it gets below 1000ft.

Dew point can influence surface wetness, increasing landing rolls, or cloud coverage

Thunder/Lightning can start fires or strike an aircraft if your not careful

This is all information included in an AWOS-3PT system, excluding density altitude because it doesn’t really affect anything and wasting math on it is dumb **

You don’t have to implement the side effects, but the reporting of this information would be nice

** we should just assume a standard lapse rate on it anyways which would drop it from the weather report


Very nice, just let us be able to “snooze” it :wink: it has no game value for me! :smiley:

It’s just weather information from the weather station - has no effect on game play as of current, and you do not need to build a weather station

In future when weather have direct impact on gameplay (like landing take off direction or even delays/calcellation) these information can be added.

Agree. As long as there is no in-game impact, it rather add nothing from value, but confusion to new players…

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The beauty of it is, it’s an upgrade-able system, please refer to FARAIM 2014

You could simply make it an unlock, so it takes time to get the full system

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