Realistic Route Generation

I know this has been discussed before and when I brought it up was told it would be looked at during the Beta period. It seems to me the random route generation is still not taking something into account. I have an airport in New York and continue to get destination airports that do not have airline service and or are not even capable of it. I understand why some of these airport are in the database such if you were to build a small local airport, it could have service to some nearby airports with caravans etc and or for GA traffic generation.

Looking at the AirportData.json file, one thing I noticed was each airport has a value for PaxSize, CargoSize, PaxCount, and CargoCount. It would seem reasonable to me that the game should look at the pax size or pax count to determine the size of aircraft and if it should even be offered as a destination from the player’s airport.

I bring this up as I still see flights offered to cities/airports that just do not make sense. For example, I have a flight offered on a 787-10 to KTVI, Thomasville Regional Airport in the middle of nowhere south Georgia. In addition to the airport not having any type of airline terminal or services and the airport being to small to handle such an aircraft, there really is not enough people in the area of such airline service. Looking at the AirportData.json it shows TVI as “paxSize” 7 and “paxCount” 6 while an airport like KTUS Tucson International shows “paxSize” 4 and “paxCount” 3285654. Seems to me the system should be looking at these numbers and exclude airports like Thomasville from even being considered for anything over the size of a caravan.

This is just one example of many I have noticed, there are plenty of other examples in the US as well as all over the world I am sure.

In lieu of an update, would simply removing such airports from the AirportData.json file be a solution or would that cause other problems?

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It would potentially cause other problems, but this would be considered a new feature, which the devs aren’t releasing any more updates with new features on their own. Maybe a whole chunk at a time, but just bug fixing updates here and there now.

I would consider this a bug more than a “feature”

This is not considered a bug, if I am correct… :slight_smile:

Considering this is something that was supposed to be looked at during the Beta period and doesn’t seem to have changed or improved, it sounds more like an issue to be addressed than a feature request.

hey, I’m all for it! :rofl: But you have to admit, what are the chances of it being implemented… But, never give up hope! :slight_smile:

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