Realistic DAY, MONTH YEAR and more

this topic should go into the feature requests, and in my opinion it should become priority.

  1. Time of turnaround = just too long, hours to turnaround ONE plane is just not right

  2. time between the two planes switching on stand - come on guys, 15 min ? in 15 min some airports are almost done with turnaround.

  3. TIME it takes for the in game DAY, heh make it more realistic, make day have 24 hrs, week 7 days, year 365 days, not a 4 day season, and 12 day year… and use the time forward to speed up stuff if you want… please make it realistic for the time it takes to build structures too…

  4. Time to repair structures ----- PLEASE REMOVE ONE CLICK REPAIR… I am sure airport directors don’t click somewhere to repair a runway, or a stand, or even upgrade it with a button…

this is two cents I have to say, to make the game so good that I would play day and night…

Please vote for it, add your comments if you agree or not… but I think its the only thing that’s missing here.

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Yep, some of this could be very useful and nice! Also, I know its not my buisness, but why is this not in feature voting? :slightly_smiling_face:

mod can put it there, but yea I bet it would probably get tons of votes and make game a lot more interesting

Then why don’t you make it one? You can edit it by clicking the pencil next to the title :slightly_smiling_face:

Keep in mind, to use realistic turnaround times, the game time itself would have to run x times faster and all vehicles drive in high speed.

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