Realistic aircraft in routes

Realistic aircraft in routes


Currently there are realistic destinations but the aircraft being used in the flights is not being taking into account. There are many databases with API that allow very easelly by inserting a origin and destination to get the aircraft type that is flying the route. If the generated route does not exist in the real world a default appropriate plane will spawn.
This feature could be toggled like realistic international stands, and players can choose if they want to use it or not.

Why it should be implemented:

Realisem. Just because the distance is short or long it doesn’t mean that only aircraft of type A should be used but not aircraft of type B.

Images, references or additional content:

websites that give the information for example:

There are probably more.

I would vote a hundred times for this if I could. Would love this as an option, can even link it to the ‘Realistic Flights’ options in the menu as suggested.

It would round off ACEO for me, to go along with all the other great features already included.

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As mentioned on Discord, here another version which might be an easier way to implement more realistic routes and based on the already existing airport database in ACEO.

When assigning a contract for an airline, the player gets the option to choose a country of that airline.

  • If it is not selected, the airline will offer flights to any direction (like for the home carriers of that airport).
  • If selected, the airline will only provide flights from/to airports in that selected country. (don’t care about realistic sizes of that airports, at least it’s the correct country)

This would also be applicable for the default airlines.
And: If the player chooses a country which is out of range, then it ignores any aircraft range limits.

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Great Addition, But in real life do all airlines do flights only from/to their home country? or they do other routes also? @no-fun

Sure, some have bases somewhere else but most serve from one country.
Ryanair, Easyjet or SAS would be those of the complicatet ones where this might not work perfect.

I don’t like this. It takes away from the airport management and turns it into something of a route management. There was a great game called Aerobiz and Aerobiz Supersonic that came out on SNES that was absolutely awesome, and had accurate routes, which you had to manage the routes, not the airports. This isn’t airline CEO.

I say leave it the silliness that it is. I love this game.

Thats why it is a toggleable option like the realstic international stands. Not everybody like it and thats why there as an option to enable or disable it.

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