Random Unity crashes when leaving the game [solved]

As mentioned a while ago, it seems that Unity causes some random crashes when leaving the game (to desktop and to main menu).
It’s not related to the savegame as it can also happen on a brand new blank map. It is also not caused by actions I do with my mouse as every time when I press the leave button, I won’t do any move.

I will send you an email referring to this topic with all crash logs and details. May it helps you to find the issue.

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For me it happens randomly when loading a new game when you are already in game, or when you quit to menu

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Same here, quite random and also a bit annoying.


Very annoying. Especially when you have to do a lot of saves and loads for testing.

Do you get the crashes even when you load a save out of an ongoing game, or do you always return to the main menu to load a save?

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I do this, and it definitely results in crashes sometimes. I don’t go through the main menu often.

I’ve got the same issue every time.

  • loading a save game when in a game
  • going back to main menu when in a game

When the save game is very small (and i didn’t load mods) then it’s possible that i’m going back to main menu but could not loading a save game when already in a game.

Since i’m playing only with one save game it’s not this big problem for me.

I saw your e-mail, you’ll probably get the default support message response as a first reply though.

Will look into this once vacation is over!

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I’m running the standard Steam release version with no mods. When I’m in the game with an airport loaded and try and load another save game, the game crashes to desktop and throws a Unity error, almost every single time. The ACEO_issue_log.txt log file doesn’t show any obvious error, I just get the line: “Check singleton of TaxiwayController” repeated multiple times after the line “All tasks succesfully aborted.” (That’s a typo by the way, “successfully” has 3 s’s). The game never crashes in this manner when I first load a game after launch, only when an airport is already loaded.

Also, I just noticed in the player.log that a crash report is generated in the AppData/Local/Temp directory, not sure how to attach that to this post…

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Yes, that’s the same issue as here. It seems the crashes appear (random) when the player leaves the ongoing session.

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Not sure it’s related, this is not random (almost every time) and it’s never happened to me when quitting the game.

The issue seems to be leaving the current game. So it’s either when leaving the running game or when loading a new map.
I don’t what is the reason. In some cases I get it also every time and sometimes it works well.

Let’s see what the devs can read out of the logfiles I’ve sent them.

Are you playing via Steam or GOG?

Edit: Would appreciate a bug report from an airport that causes this behavior as well (in excess of Andy’s very helpful log e-mail)! :slight_smile: I saw that you included the airport but would be great to have all the data collected via the bug reporting tool as well.

I have tried submitted a bug report entitled “Random Unity crashes when leaving the game” as requested. Once I hit send the sidebar stayed open with the message “Sending report” and I left it like that for about an hour, not sure if it’s actually sent or not?

I get exactly the same problem when trying to send a bug report

I see the report in the backlog, thanks! :slight_smile:

Something to look at tomorrow @Alexander?


We have identified the problem, will hopefully supply a fix tomorrow! :slight_smile:


Nice … (Can we use some of this after vacation motivation to get a new plane?)


Ask @Fredrik:stuck_out_tongue: