Random International zone popups

I have random international zone popups fin areas behind check in desks… I’m not sure if this is a bug.

A general overlay

Zoomed in

try placing international zone over it to try to connect them

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It’s a bug, can you report the save and let us know the number here?

It seems to happen a lot when building objects which automatically places new zones like staff zone over existing international zones. (Gate desks and also stands when switching to International Mode)

Yeah it’s on our radar, it seems to be invoked by a certain limbo state the stand drops into during construction and then actually caused by a save and reload which is when they pop up.

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On this I filed several bug reports, its related to the fact staff zoning overrules international zoning when placed by objects.

The save of the game, and what number?

Press the repor bug button and fill everything out. Once everything send it should tell yo the number

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Seeing the bug repair list, this seems to fixed now for future equal situations.

Let’s hope so! We’ll see, if it happens again we’ll just keep patching its origin until it stops.


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