Ramps agent can't leave remote stand

Hi , my ramp agent get stuck in my last three medium stand after that their flight leaving stands.
Not service vehicles out of the hangar to get them , even after many reload they can’t leave thiose medium stands.

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Remote stands that require service car shouldn’t have crosswalks on it. Check the connectivity of stands with service car stop, check secure zones and check accessibilities.

You can use this tutorial

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Im having the same issue?
What am i doing wrong?

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Re-link service car connection and make sure service car stop has secure area on it.

I don’t get why you both have crosswalks on far remote stands.

probably a bug
i relinked the service connection to a new one.

still shows crosswalk and ramp agents who aren’t leaving
not able to remove that crosswalk

Moved back to Default… looks like the crosswalk is caused by the Experimental build

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also stuck ramp agents is fixed when you go on the default branch :wink:

If you try and place a sidewalk to the terminal (just for test), do your ramp agents leave the stand? As it looks they are treated as terminal sided stands. But are your PAX moving correctly with the busses?

Having the same issue, seems like the service cars/general jobs are erased when reloading the game, as I’m having ramp agents leave early or baggage cars not come after reload, not sure why.

I’ll send Olof the save file tonight so he can have a look.
All appears to work fine on default, it’s experimental that causes crosswalk to exist for remotestand as well as stuck ramp agents.

Will keep you all posted

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I’ve build a new airport in 28.6-2, small stand connected to the terminal are not showing the crosswalk anymore after a save and reload (they do show when freshly build), yet they are working.

Maybe i need build a new airport because it’s the same thing to me …

this is on a new airport for me.

We’re looking into this issue! :slight_smile:

Assuming this will be fixed tomorrow.

Should be fixed by now on the experimental branch - how’s it looking?

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Much better, service cars are white, is this intentional. Also getting a lot more service car jobs and am unable to catch up :smiley:


Yups they turned into white cars now, but in the procurement list they are still yellow.

I think the high amount of jobs comes from the fact that when ramp agents (RA) are being collected at the stand (small and medium), all the service cars are being sent out… :joy:

I have 3 service cars and they are all dispatched when collecting ramp agents

The 1st car delivered the rest is also going to the car stop but has nothing to deliver.

After the 1st car has delivered the RA’s it goes back to the depot, the other (2 in my case) drive another round to the stand and back to the car stop again and then go to the depot. Also noticed they do not go to the stand with the actual pick-up car, but do a round around the airport, then go to the car stop, then either do another round or go to the stand and then go to the depot. So there is something wrong in the trigger of the service car when RA’s need to be picked up.

most of my vehicles now get out of the hangar but in the my three last medium stand , there are only vehicles which get my ramp agent , the others vehicles get out of the hangar to return in . So it’s very weird because they don’t work , they said : waiting for a vehicles transfer , when a plane is incoming …

Same with me lol wasting my jobs lol