Ramp worker transportation

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I was just wondering if any of you would be able to help me with ramp workers not showing up to the service car stops to be transported to remote stands.

Any help is greatly appreciated

Please see screenshot below:

Make sure that the zoning is correct and build a door from the terminal so that the ramp agent can go to the service car stop

Thanks! However the screenshot shows that there are multiple doors that lead out to the service car stop and the zoning seems correct not sure if I can do much to fix this :thinking:

From the screenshot i can see that your building dont have secure zone as the service car stop has the secure zone. Also try to put door on the baggage bay area so the ramp agent can go to the service car stop beside the baggage bay room

Managed to get the workers to the gate but now im facing another issue where my ramp workers won’t move once they’ve left the service car:

Could you check if any turnaround service is done or the plane is just completely unserviced since arrival? (just check the screen you get when pressing G)

I’m not sure whether it’s a strict rule, but I’ve seen several times that no service was done before passengers left the plane (could be coincidence though). If they’re still on the plane, you’ll need a stair truck and airside shuttle bus connection.
Would also be good to see if refueling has been done already.

No turnaround service has been done on the aircraft since arrival
I have both the stair truck and passanger shuttle bus purchased, connected and availible.

Thanks for your help so far.

At least some cleaning done… :smiley:
No deboarding done and neither bus nor stair truck anywhere to be seen. Usually the bus will already be waiting at the stand.
Can I see the boarding desk / airside bus station location including the zones?
Just as an example, I quickly built a very simple airport which is working (although no baggage yet). See screenshot.
You could also try to repaint the secure area. Especially when removing walls, sometimes it’s shown as secure area but effectively isn’t.

Here are my airside bus and boarding desk connections with zones.

I wouldn’t put the boarding desks that far away from the bus stops, passengers might not make it on time before the bus leaves. But that shouldn’t be a problem for deboarding.
You probably have a secure exit somewhere in your terminal, right?
I can see the shuttle bus as well as stair truck driving on the street, did you follow them where they’re going?

Yup I have multiple secure exits inside the terminal.
The stair truck and bus semmed to be going to an aircraft waiting for service however only operations not requiring ramp workers completed since they still don’t seem to be moving, so operations like baggage loading / unloading don’t happen.

Does it happen for every aircraft on that stand, even for the next one if you send the current one away?
Just came to my mind that they might already be waiting for the flight which is scheduled at the current time and not doing the previous one anymore.

Unfortunately when the ramp agents arrive to the stand to service the aircraft they don’t move and give me a message that says something along the lines of person can’t leave secure area. This happens to every aircraft on every remote stand.

Stands connected to the terminal function normaly


Maybe you could share your savegame to make it possible to try solving the issue.
In Windows it’s a folder in C:\Users<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\Apoapsis Studios\Airport CEO\Saves
On the other hand, once the more experienced people wake up again they might find the problem right away. :wink:

It won’t let me add an atachment to this message so here is the mediafire link:

I won’t be availible for the next 8 ish hours but i’ll check back in later to see if any progress has been made.

Many thanks for all the help you’ve provided.

Best of Luck.

You forgot to mention that you are using the Beta (I am too) some lay have a surprise as save are probably incompatible from the Beta to the Stable.

Now that I am trying your save and after viewing your screenshot, it is obvious that there is an issue as the service car is supposed to stay on the stand the whole time your Ramp Agents are dispatched.

Found the problem: You somehow managed to get your ramp agents to the stands but cut off their way back. The service car stands are secure area, but they’re just in front of the public area of the terminal. No security entrance and exit. With both built, everything works fine.

There does no secure area exist without entry checkpoint and proper exit, at ACEO… :wink:

Totally unrelated but your airport had some issues :
Missing taxiway path from the “small runway two” middle entrance/exit.
Left part don’t have an entrance/exit but only a taxiway.
Your deicing pads are backward compared to the stands next to them, you should have placed them elsewhere for the non remote stands.
You don’t have a runway exit at the proper length for medium aircraft, meaning they require the whole runway to get out, delaying other incoming flights.
You have room to create a Service Car Stops array and a staff room for Ramp Agents on the top right side of your terminal, as your actual 4 stops are far away.
Also if you want stands to reuse the same Service Car Stop, better do it with the closest, as lesser commute time will allow for a better spread of the Service Car Stop use.
You have more than enough Service Cars for your number of Stands, two per stands is more than enough. on the other hand, you are way understaffed for continuous operations of all stands as each medium stands require 4 Ramp Agents and your Baggage Bays require 8 and 4 Ramp Agents respectively.
Even only with Remote Stands + your two Baggage Bays you already need 32 ramp agents, you have 30, and this don’t even account for shifts.

Also you already have 3 stars contracts available !
For most it doesn’t matter as you are in Sandbox, but for the contractor this is useful as it allow to have more !

Anyway I tried improving and fixing it, but flights are really late, I think even with the best possible optimization, the game have a fundamental timing issue and with even a modest number of stands and active flights, there will always be a lot of late aircraft.
Here is the save :
Airport 2 fix.rar

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Thanks for all of your your help guys! :grinning:

Special thanks to @Gerwanese for helping me fix my airport and to @Demongornot for fixing my save!

Thank you so much!

P.S: Sorry for the late reply since I had reached the maximum reply count for my first day.