Ramp agents on strike

well, look at the pic.
while a staffroom is full of ramp agents, 6+ planes waiting for service round and baggage handling. not a single ramp agent at any stand with waiting plane.

already restarted game, already cleared all tasks and reloaded… :frowning:


PS: Airport worked fine, didn’t rebuild/change anything at that terminal/facilities.Just appeared out of nothing…

Strange indeed, have you shared a bug report with us and included the save?

Not yet, but I made a save and will report later with ‘ramp agents in strike’.

I solved the issue by excluding my ramp agents from all staff rooms, now they’re working again - making breaks anywhere… :slight_smile:

Now, I had a similar issue and I think it is something to do with the passenger boarding ramps on the Medium Terminal.

If I refer you to one of my screenshots at http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1166289025 - ramp agents would only attend to the medium stand with the plane on, when the corner of the service road was marked as a secure area. This is the bit of the service road with the thinner secure area markings on mine… if that makes sense.

At that point the ramp agents sprung into action… using the passenger boarding ramp.

Thanks for your help.
Already doublechecked, it’s all zoned correctly. Strange behaviour started just out of nothing, the day before everything worked fine and I didn’t any changes…
bug report sent.

Hmmmm. Not normal practice I know, but have you tried to put a door on the outer wall of the terminal and a crosswalk onto the stand?

I will keep a listening watch to see if any of my builds do the same.

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hmmm… nice idea! :slight_smile:
just did it, but have to wait, till i can test it, I’ll write here, if so…
Actually running another capacity test on my airport. Takes some time with only 3-5 FPS… :grin:

I have had some issues with Airport Staff not manning their stations when planes are sitting there waiting no matter how many I have on staff.

I have also seen the bug here passengers get off a plan and get stuff for no reason going from the airplane to the terminal. I restarted lastnight so I am hoping that was patched in this latest update, I think it was listed.

Story goes on:
After I have deleted all staff rooms, now ramp agents are sitting in boarding area and looking on all the waiting planes… :frowning:

another bug report sent.

We’re looking into a path finding issue here, will keep you posted…


First of all: from 0.22.2 ramp agents behavior is much better, they are not ignoring waiting planes any more.

Furthermore I rebuilt huge parts of my airport, as baggage bays were too much out-of-the-way - which helped quite a lot, too.

But after testing and watching my ramp agents/baggage handling, I’ve noticed there are still several issues:

  • Even if most stands are manned, now, there are still several stands waiting for in-game-hours (!!) till all 4 ramp agents arrived - while dozens are sitting bored in the staff room nearby. at least 1 or two make it in time, but the rest is massivly delayed (I have 200+ ramp agents in 6-hour-shifts, that is (probably) not enough to run all 34 stands & 8 bays, but should be enough for servicing 8 flights on 4 bays.

  • baggage loading at cargo bay is often incomplete: carts leaving, several bags (from this flight) are still on baggage bay, ignored by ramp agents

  • baggage loading is very often not completed. it stops at “32 of 76”, cart is moving away, plane is leaving (always delay is set)

  • it takes sometimes 2 hours or more, till service round is completed.

  • I often can see ramp agents standing on stand with waiting plane - doing nothing. So they start service round/baggage (un)loading for e.g. 15%, then they stop. waiting for 15-30 minutes, then going on.

So I think there are still some really bad pathfinding/behaviour issues…

How many persons do you have in total for you airport?

I have seen the exact same thing in my airports. Tried smaller and larger ones and its the same story. All 4 ramp agents can be at the stand, they will just sit there. Baggage trucks will depart with bags still to load, bags are left on planes, all kinds of issues. My newest airport will not offer service round or baggage as its too much of a hastle right now.

staff around 550 to 600, depending on contracts (shops/food).

Passengers 400 to 1500, when doing these tests…

In regards to ramp agents standing still it sounds like the airport(s) have a lot of complicated paths. The more complicated paths there are, i.e. the less accessible the airport is, the longer time it will take to plot paths. The more persons you have plotting complex paths the longer time it will take for each plot to take which gives that “standing still” look, they are simply waiting for the system to run their path request. At 34 stands and 8 bays it also sounds like a large airport so your system is most likely pressed by other tasks as well (I’m only assuming though, should be noted). For the baggage however, that’s a different story, do you have saves we can take a look at?

The root cause to the standing still ramp agents is, I’m guessing based off of my assumptions, indeed a performance issue, path finding in general but also rendering and other scripts. For large airports in general we are experiencing a development bottleneck. We are yet to receive any funds from the sales which means that we’re still not equipped with proper hardware (no investors, no money ourselves and so forth). Running these massive saves in editor mode with debugging tools on my 2015 MacBook is impossible and until we have our hands on that equipment it is going to be difficult to properly debug these saves and uncover the pain points. Not using it as an excuse but more of an explanation to the fact that it will take some time until we can properly deal with the performance issues.

Why are ramp agents requesting new paths every time they drop off or pick up bags? After initial path discovery, can’t they just get a few paths stored to complete the set of jobs? Seems strange that they need completely new paths every time which sounds like its either mapping the entire airport for a job located within the stand, or is giving up priority to actually continue which maybe needs addressed.

When interacting in baggage bays they do not use paths at all, is this where they are standing still? I though it was at the stands (sorry, long day). In baggage bays they use direct movements so there should be no standing still there. On stands they use path movements and paths are being actively cached so it’s not a new path every time but loading larger airports will always see some more strain in the beginning as all paths have to be established. But there are a lot more to do here, performance wise, baby steps for now though due to mentioned reasons.

I can send you a bug report with a save I made - but remember it takes an eternity to load… :wink:
I’ll Name it ‘lazy ramp agents’.

I tried to build many connections and already built several staff rooms to keep pathes easy and short - but airport is huge and complex, right.

And thanks for your explanations. Looking forward to the day, when you recieve your new Hardware! :wink:

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I saw this behaviour in stands only.

One time i saw them ignoring carts and baggage in baggage bay, but I am afraid I made no save/pic… :frowning:

Alright, then we at least probably know what the issue is.

Me too, damn… me too.