Ramp agents not loading bags onto AC

I just recently submitted a bug report in game for this, I think I did so back in March as well. So, while I wait for movement on todays bug report, I figured I’d get some soundings from the more experienced users here on the forum.

I have a small regional airport, no mods. The problem I am experiencing is that my departing passengers luggage is not making it onto the aircraft. Agents will pick it up from baggage handler, transport it to the stand where a waiting agent will then pick up the bag (I get the $10 baggage handling fee pop when he retrieves the bag), however the bag simply vanishes. This happens most, but not all of the time.

Checked this against Flight Monitor, shows zero bags loaded, however in clicking on the aircraft in the stand, it shows that baggage round is complete (green baggage icon). This is deteriorating my passenger loaded baggage rating, so if there is anything I am missing, I would love to get resolution before I move onto Medium sized AC.

Hi @gmjay74 and welcome to the forum. We are here to help, some questions to try and find out if we can help to solve the issue :slight_smile:

Which version are you playing? As you are talking about medium stands, do you have (enough) bagage loaders so bagage can be transported in to the planes? Could you also please share daytime screenshots with zones enabled (z-key) of your terminal with the bagage bay location? And also a screenshot of the stand(s) that have this issue.


Hi Puma,

Thanks for attempting to help me. Version is Alpha 36.3-5 This issue is currently affecting all small aircraft stands. Presently I have a surplus of ramp agents.

With zones enabled

As this happens at all the stands, I’m uncertain what other screenshots I could provide, however I provided a sequence below that I hope will help.

I will say that I noticed yesterday on flights with two or more checked bags to be loaded, half make it and the rest disappear.

Here is a sequence of what happens when the bags are supposed to be loaded…

Bag in hand

David Copperfield – Bag vanished

Baggage loading complete? ?

The first beta version is rolling out now on default. Does the issue persist with this update?


Hello Olof,

Indeed the issue does continue in Beta 1.1-0. In four planes’ turnarounds I observed the following in terms of bags loaded onto aircraft (loaded/total available):


Do you have a bug report from the latest beta with this issue for me? :smiley:

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I submitted it in Alpha and did not record the bug report number unfortunately as I was not expecting it to disappear rapidly. Did you want me to resubmit it in Beta? Promise I’ll grab the number this time :blush:

Yes, would be great if you could and then post it here! :slight_smile:

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