Ramp Agents Not Going to service car queue!

So, I have built a whole terminal, stand. Next I wanted to do is to build a far away stand. I built it, connected everything. Now a airplane has arrived and the baggage carts are there, waiting for a ramp agent to come and take out the baggage. The service cars are at the service car stop but no ramp agent is going there to get in. I don’t understand this… And some ramp agents are still sitting before security and not going past it… Here are some photos.

… I would rather have took Simairport if I knew this was going to happen. There are a few ramp agents at the stand. They do nothing and a notification comes saying you need a security exit form secure areas. How can I secure roads? It doesn’t let me…

You don’t need to secure the roads you just need a secure staff room to connect the service car stand to.

Are you sure that you have connected service car stop to stand? Are you also sue that you have purchased service car?

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Yes I have

I have tried that, It’s still not working. :#

So what are your ramp agents doing then? i don’t see any in the staffroom shown in your screenshot. Also, is ‘Service round’ enabled in the operations panel?

Thinking about that message, does your secure area in the terminal has an exit?
Could you show a larger screenshot (or several) showing the whole terminal area and also the way to the stand (all with zones displayed, like the one you already shared)?
I guess it’s something very simple missing, but hard to find it.

Yes. It is enabled. I could only post one screen shot. I will give the other here

The service car stop AND the door needs to be marked as staff zone. Currently it’s only a security zone.

My terminal has an exit from the security. Here is the larger screen shot

Here it seems the door to the service car stop is not secure anymore, not sure if I’m just not seeing it. The small door bit needs to be secure (not staff zone, that doesn’t matter and just prevents passengers from going there).
What I can see is that there’s no secure connection to the baggage bay. The crosswalk to it is not marked secure, so no ramp agent can go there.

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Did you check this tutorial? Especially second part is about your case called “far terminal remote stands”

Yes, I have, and I have followed all the steps. Thank you for asking.

Did you check @Gerwanese’s last tips?

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