Ramp Agents going crazy

I currently have all of my ramp agents who are in a staff room, leave for no apparent reason (not going to a baggage bay or an aircraft stand). They then go out of the secure zone, go back through security and back to the staff room. Any ideas on how to resolve this?

Can you post a screenshot with zones enables?


The ramp agents regularly leave the secure staff room (circled in blue). Leave the secure zone, go back through security and straight back to the staff room (route shown in blue arrows).

Everything beyond the security checkpoints is one solid block of secure zone.
No other staff members do this.
They don’t seem to be trying to get to a job task, they just randomly go.

Thanks for the screenshot. Helps a lot. I assume you have Ramp Agent Service Round enabled and I can tell from the screenshot you’re running baggage. How many Ramp Agents do you have Vs how many you need? What happens if you turn them both off, do they still exhibit that behaviour?

I tend to do my staff rooms in the unsecured side but don’t see why that would make a difference.

A whole view would be good as well.

The ramp agents might be trying to get to their jobs but can’t find a path. There needs to be a way out to the ramp for them without leaving the secured area. Check that doors to the outside are secured (if you zone an area secure and then move a wall or place a door, the area where the wall was in not secured).