Ramp agents don't get picked up from service car stop

Hey, I can’t figure out how to get my ramp agents over to the stand. All the ramp agents just hang around on the service car stop, but they never get picked up, the service vehicles just stay inside the vehicle depot. So all my flight get delayed

Hi @awat987 and welcome to the forum. Secure zones seem to be ok, so no issue there. Did you connect the stand(s) to the service car?

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Perhaps the video here helps to solve your issue:

yes, boarding desk is connected to the service buss stop and from there connected to the stand. the stand is also connected to the service car stop.

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Update, Ok so when i place down the service car stop and buss stop during the day it works, but just for that day, it then stops working after it turns to night time. Then the service cars return to their vehicle depot, and then they just stay there.

and when the service cars do come, the ramp agents do not get inn. so the car just sits on the service car stop

Strange indeed… Please file it as a bug with the in game bug reporter, as this sounds like a bug

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