Ramp Agents arriving before the aircrafts

A lot of times, my flights get delayed because the ramp agents ands equipment arrive a long time after the aircraft does. If the service trucks and the ramp agents could arrive just before the aircrafts do, like in reality, it would be so much better. Also, if the aircrafts could stay a different amount of time each, that would be great. For example, a Sky Link Cessna 208 would stay 2.5 hours and another one would stay 4 hours.

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Agree! It’s a bit strange that planes arrive and have 4 hours before departure and are still delayed. In real life, especially short haul flights, planes only have 30 to 40 mins between arrival and departure. Long haul, depending on the size of the plane, is between 2 and 4 hours.

There are numerous ideas around this (this is a good thread to follow), on the forum and the devs are also working on a new path finding system, so hopefully in the future we can assign personnel/vehicles to stands, determine work schedules, etc. and will PAX/personnel/vehicles be on or ahead of time for departure/work.

Hope you enjoy the game, it’s already great but much more to come!


It is a bit of a weird one. Sometimes I see the pushback truck already there before the last outstanding item, sometimes it arrives after.

I totally agree - I guess it’s to avoid having one truck being tied to a plane delaying another.

Whether or not something arrives before or after the fact really depends on how many or how few you have. If you have a surplus of ramp agents and your airport isn’t too large, they will in fact be waiting on ramp for the aircraft.

Similarly, from what I’ve observed, the pushback tug is requested when either the passengers or bags are finished loading. This means it’s possible for it to turn up before the other step has been finished.

However, as your airport gets larger or you don’t have a surplus of staff or equipment, it’s harder and harder for things to turn up before the fact (due to distance, pathfinding etc.). Hopefully that clarifies some of the game mechanics regarding this behaviour (to my understanding anyway).

@Puma there have been many discussions about altering the time scale to allow more realistic on ground times, but I’m not sure where we are with that at the moment. :slight_smile:

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