Ramp agent issues

My ramp agents are standing outside security and they won’t go to a toilet or get any rest so if someone could help me with this it would be much appreciated

Hey! I think we need a few more screenshots, with zones enabled if possible? Can you take a photo over the staff area they’re trying to get to?

Just an idea which I experienced, double check your bathroom and staff room are fully zones or unzoned. If they are half zoned with a few tiles missed? This can cause staff to seek a destination tile or a toilet/desk which is wrong zoned against the rest of the room therefore if staff room is in secure zone but a desk or chair tile is not correctly zoned they will leave secure area then unable to pathfind


I just made a staff room in a secure zone and that fixed it, thanks for sending a message though

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How long does it take for them to go back out?

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