Ramp Agent Contracts

I was wondering with the game we have a number of different ways employees/contractors work/are hired.

I was thinking why are ramp agents hired separately and not via the contracts option like the construction crew.

The reasoning for this is that airport ground handling contractors are more common that directly employees ramp agents. Companies such as Swissport, Servisair etc are relatively common these days.

It would be good if we could have ramp agent contracts which can be deployed similar to construction, and have capped limits meaning we may hit the limit of ramp agents with a set contract and force us to either make the airport more efficient/pass ramp agent intensive by design or schedule. Or go look for a new contract.

I think this shouldn’t be to difficult to implement? But would create a new reassured management layer to the game

I agree with this, as for an airport with almost 20 gates hiring ramp agents is a massive ball ache!


I have a feeling this might be in the works, after I saw the unionized workers tag on their Trello I guessed there would be more contracts regarding workers (rather than the current hire system).

I assumed unionized workers related to staff pay negotiations and potential for staff to strike.

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That we can assume nearly for sure, but unions typically operate on yearly contracts. And since it seems negotiations will be a part of future updates, I’d guess they could be introducing a contract system for different types of hired staff.

Unionised workers contracts are different in different parts of the world so not necessarily always involved in collective bargaining or having annual contracts.

The union aspect might be be tied in with a job satisfaction rating and salary, but not necessarily around how ramp agents are hired/deployed

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Sourcing out ground handling completely would have also been a great way for the game. I do love watching different ground handlers on an airport like dnata, Swissport, AAS and so on.

  • You can have several ground handling contracts with different ratings
  • Airlines require a certain ground handling level to be happy (some want premium service, others just a cheap one)
  • Every ground handler has it’s own parking lots or depots and it’s own carpool (cheap or more modern/expensive fleet)
  • the colors and logos of the vehcles can be set for each ground handler, so every vehicle appears automatically in their style
  • maybe even passenger service agents are included and could wear a specific uniform (color) of that ground handler

(But I think for that it’s too late.)


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