Ramp agent can't find way? [help]

Hi, the Ramp Agents can’t find a way to the Cargo Bay. Some a fix?



  • Kai

You are missing a zebra from the top terminal to the bottom one.

Oh! Bedankt!

Oh! Thanks!

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It isn’t working… :confused:

new screenshot pls, and enable zones overlay.

I just made a new cargo bay.

Screen (with zones):

First; your bagage pickup is RED ZONE, it cannot be, people need to pick up bagage. Remove the secure zoning.

Secondly, Airport CEO does not support multiple secure zones.

Connect the secure zone of the terminal to the secure zone of the baggage bay, or; remove the secure zone of the baggage bay entirely (I never have my baggage bays in the secure zone. cuts on path-finding tasks); then make the baggage bay staff zone (not staff room).

My current build; staff zones all over, no secure zone. Just a door between secure and staff zone for workers that can switch without secure exit / entree. (oh, I should have a door on the non secure exit side, just added it…); the Baggage bays are all in staff zone. Adjacent I have a big staff room for Ramp agents.

Okay, thanks! I will start a new airport :slight_smile:

https://forum.apoglabs.com/c/player-content/airport-designs < nose a bit around over here.


I just made a hole new airport but I again get the same problem…


I don’t see the problem.

  • Kai

The baggage handling area also needs to be secure zoned, it’s only staff right now which means they can’t get there,

Doesn’t work :confused:

Have you set it to staff and secure zone?

Can you take another screenshot and also include the underground baggage belts layout

I will send it tomorrow I’m now not home.

nvm. Just in this game

This entire area, including the door, must be zoned as secure for employees to get there. The rule is that wherever an open zone starts and a secure zone ends there must be a security check-point and a secure area exit in place for people to enter or leave that area. Staff zones are not the same as secure zones but simply define an area where passengers cannot go.

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