RAM usage issue

I just got the game lately and the game is fantastic, thank you all devs. But it seems my RAM usage is limited to 16GB somehow (I have 32 GB of RAM and it’s working when I’m playing games like Cities: Skylines). I left Chome and some other stuff running so the game actually takes about 9GB. I really want to build a massive international airport but the game just crashes every time. :frowning: Is there any suggestions to help this issue? Thanks a lot!

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Welcome to the community @jaaaaaaaamesl! :smiley:

Hi jaaaaaaaaames, Sorry about you issue. It doesn’t seem normal for the game to use that much RAM. Is the airport very large? Did you alter the world size by changing the save files?

There is no limit on RAM from our side, so the 16 GB limit seems like a setting in your Windows system. Unfortunately, I can’t give any advice how to fix that but we are looking into RAM usage in the optimization in beta testing, which is due after Alpha 36 is stable.


Hi, it seems the issue is solved when I just play with 1x speed, and can use more RAM space. I’m using the full 4 tiles and have about 50 stands in the airport.


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