Quine merging

it’s kind of annoying to have a bunch of lines all over the place. especially for security. if we could merge lines (quinines) even if it’s only for security, airport operations could be streamlined. plus this does exist IRL. any thoughts?


You mean one queue for many check-in desks, security checks etc? All of the same type of course…
An n to 1 connection!
That would be cool, it’s fair and saves space


Yes, I’d like to see that too.
For security it should be “easy” to achieve if there would be an option in the security station detail view like “Group with other stations”, then select other stations which have to be a) nearby and b) connect from the same public zone to the same secure zone. Once they’re grouped they could have one single queue.
For check in it’s a little bit more difficult as long as you can’t designate desks to airlines. If check in desk 1, 2 and 3 are used for a single flight, two hours later they might be used for different flights making a single queue useless.

YES! this is what i was talking about

At SFB There is a line for security then it splits into three lines

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that’s cool

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