Queued aircraft on approach, landing order?

Curious to hear from other players of your experiences of aircraft arriving at your airports, queued for landing. Do they land in a reasonable order of priority or entirely randomly?

I find that in my larger busy airports, often a few flights scheduled to land first, will not land until a considerable amount of aircraft scheduled later, land.

In the real world, of course some flights do miss their slot and join the back of a long queue or put into holding patterns, but they are still usually in some form of priority order.

Do your flights land in a reasonable order based on their scheduled arrival time? or do they land randomly leaving some earlier scheduled flights landing very late whilst later flights land ahead of them?

Hi, the sorting algorithm is queuing flights as per the following logic:

  1. Emergency flights
  2. Late commercial flights
  3. Commercial flights
  4. GA flights

In your case, it should give the most latest flight top priority. I hope that makes sense.


Thanks. I noticed a few flights being very delayed whilst some which were scheduled much later, landed first.

Maybe it was due to multiple runways (depending on nearest or distributed evenly) or go arounds. Will look out for it happening again and see if there is a clue why :slight_smile:


Just reported this one example if might be useful. Flights are delayed up to an hour whilst others appear to have jumped the queue, though maybe this is due to runway selection (2 runways in use)

Thanks :slight_smile:

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