Queue on check in desk


I noticed that somehow the pax tend to flock to 1 check-in desk even though there are 2 desks open. The 2 desks can be opposite each other but one is empty and one as a queue until the ‘moon’.

Am I the only one on this?


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Is the second one manned by staff?

All of them are manned.

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I have 20 Checkin Desks, with sufficient manning available, but not all are manned. Pax still flock to single Checkin Desk. Dev’s recommendation is two Checkin Desks per Medium Stand; why? If there are fewer than that number and there are available Checkin Desks, then those should be utilized.

Same problems here.

If the devs are looking to change this I’d like desks to be generic so pax can use any regardless of their flight, or at the very least be assigned to airlines so pax can use any so long as it is for the right airline. That’s how it works in the US at least. It allows you to always distribute pax evenly among the open desks.

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I’ve seen a few other reports on this, seems as if something has broken and I will have a look at it. If you have a save with multiple boarding desks or check-in desks where only one is manned I’d live to get it reported into the bug reporting tool! :slight_smile:

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@Olof, just look a my latest savegame that I submitted previously a couple days ago.

Hi Olof, here’s one for you. Both desks are operated but only one is being used for checkin. ACEO-3656