Questions / remarks / ideas - things I encounter while first time playing the game

Questions / remarks / ideas

  1. < why cant I click the red sign from the building to find out what it is and why it is there?

  2. < where can I find the option to build a secure checkpoint? should that not be explained?

  3. < why cant I click the red sign? I think I need a queue, should I not be able to build a queue from just clicking the sign? (ah, the object first needs to be build, it does not state that).

  4. is it an idea to able to save / template queue designs?

  5. what does it mean when a security checkpoint is not operated? why does the info-card of the object not tell me how to change it? (or has an info bulp to find out) (ah, you need a certain amount of guards that you need to hire, I have no idea how many for a post, atm I have 4, now it is green).

  6. when starting a new airport (again), why then do I need to re-enter my name?

  7. can we get “check-marks” in the tutorial, I am stuck a lot on objectives simply because there is no objectives list.

  8. for fuel tutorial part, we need to act in the procurement tab, where we need a manager to be able to use it, maybe add a tutorial step to learn us how to hire personal? (ok, found it out, find the BOARD tab, then open the “seat” of procurement manager for applications, then find the tab with solicitations, then don’t use any filter and scroll way down to find people wanting the job.)

  9. know that a lot of building objects have a size of 5 blocks in game (at least, what I encountered upto now (airport stands, some buildings, etc).

  10. when you complete a set of tutorials (category), close the category in the right top corner to move to next category.

  11. is there a summery somewhere how much personal I need in certain jobs?

  1. You have no road access. Did you just build some tarmac? This building needs to have a service road running there. But i agree, that it would be nice to be able to get a description of what something like that means
  2. The tutorial needs some work, i think we all agree on that one, but to answer your question: In the build menu :slight_smile:
  3. I think that icon comes up a bit too soon. When it isn’t built yet, you shouldn’t get validation errors like that imo
  4. Nice idea indeed :slight_smile: Or have some default queues in the game to choose from (or define a region and let the game generate the queue)
  5. Indeed, a large checkpoint requires 4 security, while a small checkpoint requires 1. Having this information can be done in multiple ways, one of which is the job tasks panel, which is slated for some much needed love in the near future :slight_smile:
  6. What, you don’t like to play pretend with different names each time? :stuck_out_tongue: I can see how this could be a feature, having your ‘personal information’ saved for reuse between airports, although i doubt it has a high priority :slight_smile:
    7 + 8. Yep, tutorials :slight_smile: see 2
  7. Not yet, but as i said in a previous point, the job tasks panel needs some love
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