Questions on fines

I check my email sometimes and I don’t see any Incident Report messages but I will have like 50k in fines. I think I found the reason for a recent issue. I didn’t notice that when I was doing a HUGE upgrade on the airport (more terminal space, more floors, more baggage, more stands,etc) I forgot to connect the service road to the new row of stands so they were stuck there…for like 4 days lol (I often walk away for while to do other chores). I have fixed that issue and I am monitoring my Fines in the budget tab.

Would flights not being able to land for err…several days cause heavy fines? Also question on Bird strikes. I set up like 4-5 anti bird machines between my runway (I have two sets of run ways but same thing, multiple bird machines in a row) I confirmed that that entire path of the runways are covered in the bird machines coverage…but I saw a 15k fine for bird strikes recently. How can I fix this?

I also saw in-flight medical fine, I have an ambulance…maybe I just didnt have enough?

The only major emergency pop up I have had for like a week is an emergency landing and I handled that 100%.


How do I resolve In Flight medical and security emergencies?
Update: I noticed that the emergency landings are either Medical or Security. That makes me nervous because SEVERAL times I got fined for failing these incidents but I never got the notification to accept/deny the request nor that I needed to place it on the schedule. Also sometimes I will go 15-30 IRL minutes without a single pop up, then for whatever reason I will reload the game and I be bombarded with notifications.

Hello! So to summarize you’ve accepted an in-flight emergency, had the ambulance on the stand with the aircraft for a successful turnaround and then you still get fined as the aircraft departs?

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