Questions and problem reporting

Hello, was playing on a save that I started long ago, also experienced a few bugs and problems in that save.
Such as.

Problem with loading the game. I often (8/10 times) got stuck at “loading agents” and the game would freeze and not start.

I could not use self check-in because some passengers froze holding up the que.
And whenever I press “Quit to menu” the game would crash.

So in order to make sure I have done what I can. I deleted all my saves. Took away all mods and workshop content. And I reinstalled the game.

So if I encounter any of the problems again I will report them.

So my first question.
Can a save started long ago (before version 1.0) Induce various bugs and problems?
Is anyone else experiencing the problems mentioned?

Also I did just load in one of the old saves to take some notes for my new airport. And when I then pressed “Quit to menu” the game crashed. I did not try and save it, just go back to the menu.

What does mean “long ago before 1.0”?
The biggest change came with the new world entrance tunnels and map changes. Savegames before might cause issues and need corrections

Updated that phrase. I mean before version 1.0 :slight_smile:
What version was the new world tunnel entrances?

That should have been with Beta 3 which changed the entire tiling system.


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