Question on how Self check ins work

I am in a situation where I am constantly not having enough check in desks for all my flights. I usually opt for med check in desks because there is something I don’t get about self check ins. If I put in a bunch of self-check ins and then like 1 baggage drop, would machine be capable of checking in any flight or would they only be good for one specific flight the baggage drop is assigned to? Sorry if I am asking the question poorly.

At the moment I don’t have problems with long queues, just the lack of desks…so would it be better to have more med check ins, or a bunch of selfs.

So a baggage drops can handle 5 flights but if you have baggage handling enabled you need to assign it to a baggage bay for it to operate. Passengers should use any self check-in desk nearby and if they have baggage to drop at a baggage drop then should use a self check-in near to it.

Thank you. Are there any benefits or disadvantages to using selfs over med checkins?

Yes! I use self check-ins to medium check-ins on a 1:1 ratio. The biggest advantage(bc I have a huge airport and growing) is that if the medium check ins are unmanned due to pathfinding bugs or passenger service agents making their way there too late, the passengers can use the self check ins. Not too sure of my second point but what I observed is that the self check in isn’t limited to the 75pax per desk rule that the medium is subjected to, but again don’t quote me on this

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I guess the main advantages are you don’t need staff to man the self check-in desks and they take up a lot less space than medium check-in desks so as @xxLLboyboy1001 said they are a must if you have a large airport with lots of flights.

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