[Question from the devs] Strobe light flashing sequence


I have a question for the most dedicated aviation fans out there.

Does anyone know what kind of strobe lights sequence the aircraft types we have in Airport CEO have? I know that B737 is single flashing but I believe Airbus uses a fast double flash. What about the rest of the aircraft types? Any expert among us? :slight_smile:

The types are:
ATR 72/42
Cessna 208
Cessna 182
CRJ 200/700

Found affirmation that airbus uses different frequency:


Catalog for strobe systems used:


And this system allows customizing the frequency:

This leads me to believe that for GA it doesn’t really matter, and afaik only Airbus is the special snowflake. (Although i did read that only the forward facing strobe is double flashing to signal it’s the front)

What the FAA has to say about frequency:

(c)Flashing characteristics. The arrangement of the system, that is, the number of light sources, beam width, speed of rotation, and other characteristics, must give an effective flash frequency of not less than 40, nor more than 100, cycles per minute. The effective flash frequency is the frequency at which the airplane’s complete anticollision light system is observed from a distance, and applies to each sector of light including any overlaps that exist when the system consists of more than one light source. In overlaps, flash frequencies may exceed 100, but not 180, cycles per minute.


A friend of mine name konfig0 posted these:

757 single
Bae 146 single
Crj single
737 is single strobe
A320 has double quick flash


Interesting stuff! Thanks a lot for quickly coming to help and digging all that detail that up. I actually thought more aircraft types used double flash but as you point out as well, it seem to only be Airbus types that uses it. :slight_smile:

correct only airbus uses the dubble strobe sequence as far as i know. the rest usses the single strobe


The strobe lights on the 737’s wings flash at the same time but the strobe near the APU is sortve randomly offset from the wings. Also the 757 doesn’t have a strobe on the rear near the APU, it’s just a single light that stays on with the navigation lights. Hope this helps.

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