Question about tilt trays

I understand that tilt trays can only feed into 2 directions currently, but is there a limit as to how many incoming streams they can filter? I.e. can I have baggage from multiple check-in desks feed into one security scanner system and then use tilt trays (set to “To Destination”) to filter that incoming stream into 3 or more baggage bays? Something like this:

Will the baggage from each check-in desk filter into the baggage bay connected to that desk?

On a related note, is there a safe limit to how much baggage can be fed through a standard scanner setup such as this before errors occur? I was planning to have 3 check-in desks plus 3-4 automated baggage machines per baggage bay, with each bay serving 5-6 medium stands. for a total of 6 bays and 33 stands. Can I get away with only having 2 scanner setups? I’m using 2 tier 1 scanners at the start to limit how much rejected baggage goes through the rest of the system.

They can filter only one input to 3 outputs. If you want to combine more than one line at a point, don’t use a tilt tray. The bags will automatically go onto the next conveyor belt.

There are only settings for Forward and left, forward and right, left and right or “To Destination”, which as I understand it is also limited to 2 outgoing belts.

But this isn’t what I’m asking. What I want to know is if the filter “To Destination” is able to sort a stream of baggage that comes from multiple check-in desks (linked to multiple baggage bays) to the correct bay.

Yes, if it’s set to destination, you can have unlimited additional tilt trays coming afterwards. You can even route incoming bags with departing bags and all find the correct way.

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