Question about contract spawning

I have a question regarding the Airline contracts.
Once you have built small stands, you are offered cheap contracts for small planes both on a daily base and bulk number. As soon as you get medium stands, contracts will be offered for medium flights. But it seems that the ones for small planes go amiss. It is hard to get flights for them anymore but ridiculous demands for medium bulk contracts. Like you have one or two stands and can handle 4 flights a day you get stuff like 10-15 flights in 2 days bulk and almost none 1 star contracts. I still would like to use the small stands and continue to serve small flights but the game wont let me.
True, sometimes i find a 2 star contract for a mixed combination of small and medium, but mostly I lack the capability for the mediums. I find it odd that when I expand the airport a bit the demand for small flights drops.
So…what is the mechanism behind that?

As far as I am aware the amount of “cheap” contracts does not drop when you get medium stands. The contract page does get flooded with a lot more 2 and 3 star contracts though. The game does generate less 1 star contracts then it does 2 and 3 star when they are available. This can cause it to seem like there are less, the reality is you just have to hunt them down in an endless list.

I do wish they had filters for the rating of contracts (1, 2, or 3 star… or whatever it is going to become(I think they’re going to be overhauling it soon, star ratings are already gone in experimental)) as well as specific airlines.

Last I checked it will spawn 4 one star contracts per airline that offers them (4 for a total of 16 contracts I believe… might be 5 airlines, havn’t payed enough attention to it).

If i’m wrong someone please correct me.

Hope this helps.

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