Question about airplane packs

So, i had a thought. This is all about realism in the almost extreme way. Just to warn you.

Very soon all the airplanes pack will be updated with big planes in them. So soon for example, SAS will have a fleet ranging from ATR-72 all the way up to A340. And that is fine for me since i made Copenhagen airport. Basically the home of SAS, witch means i should receive the hole fleet at my airport.

But then i make Shanghai Airport.
Once again i subscribe to SAS, because they fly there, but only with wide body aircraft. Never with an ATR-72 haha. And this ofc goes vise versa, i should not have a 737-800 from China Airlines at CPH.

So my wishing is that the moders out there maybe makes two packs? One with the hole fleet. And one with only wide body. That’s what i think from the top of my head. Do please comment with different solutions or thoughts.


Great idea @Megahenrik, However, This would be a lot of work to do for the modders to create multiple separate pack for every airline. Also, if we do this, the packs might not work for other CEOs that don’t want a certain aircraft in the pack. The customization requests would just keep coming if we did this. I will DM you a solution for you to do

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@twocflyer can you please share this solution on the forum as well? it would help people if they ever are looking for the answer. :slight_smile:

Actually, the Dev’s have a future system in place for this built from community driven data.

Olof, maybe it was Fredrik, did mention this would be coming in a future update, alas I cannot find that post right now, though he did reply to @EG0611 whom might remember where it is?

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well there you have it! :slight_smile: thanks @Rubble

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This is the forum? Or what forum did you want me to post in?

he was talking to me @Megahenrik

though he did reply to @EG0611 whom might remember where it is?

I think it was on a chat, it was planned for future Alpha updates. The data is there and waiting developers :blush:

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Regarding realistic routes, that was part of the Dev blog 135 and announced for the gameplay update aka Alpha 34:

In addition to these two major changes, we will also look over other mechanics such as improved ATC with number of active flights depending on ATCT size and runway max capacity, realistic routes for airport sizes and aircraft types, improved depot management (fuel, de-icing, catering), economy balancing and much more.


With the new upcoming ACEOMM version 2 it will be possible to make selections and add that as a mod pack to your game. That way modders don’t have to craft different packages, you can easily make your own combinations of available mods.


Cool, any why i can follow the progress for version 2? Or is there some plan or dates set :stuck_out_tongue: ?

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We try to keep us from making any promises, but we are working on it.

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Plan yes, dates unfortunately no. As @Guusje2 stated we cannot make any promises to date as we are on a couple of points still doing proof of concepts on how we are going to solve things. But so far it is looking good and @Guusje2 is making very good progress on the development side! Hopefully soon™ we will have some update for you around ACEOMM2 :slight_smile:


Awesome :smiley: Thanks so much for everything, info and the work you’re doing.

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