Query on Secure Zones with Int'l sandwiched in middle?

I’m curious to know a bit more about this, user experiences or from the developers :slight_smile: Arrows represent a checkpoint (or the terminal entrance)

On a very very basic level, do secure zones in the format above, label as the same one? I fully understand the concept of Int’l zones being secure zones with an extra layer. (I know there will always need to be secure exit on both sides and a staff route into the right hand secure zone for cleaners and things)

My question is simply, do passengers see secure zones in the format above, as one big combined secure zone with part of it an international zone in the middle? (in terms of pathfinding)

Example - Passenger arrives into a gate in BLUE International Zone, they follow the exit route into the Secure Zone on the right and collect their bags here. Whilst waiting, they want to use a bathroom. Theres no bathroom there, but there is one on the far left between the Departures Search area and Immigration. Would they…
A - Attempt to pathfind across from Right to Left to get to the bathroom labelled as being the same Secure Zone, but in reality the route isn’t walkable, triggering an error.
B - They are able to understand the route isn’t walkable and do not attempt it (therefore waiting until pass the secure exit and find a bathroom in the check-in hall (grey)

This isn’t a critism of the sytem, i’m curious to know before attempting some more creative airport designs with the great new Beta 3 reaching default branch :smiley: The above understanding could make a big difference.

I think they do both A and B. You’ll probably get the exclamation point icon that indicates a pathfinding error. When a pathfinding error happens the person won’t move until the pathfinding error is resolved, so they’ll get unhappy, need toilet etc.

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A bit too much complicated text for me… As I understand, you want arriving passengers enter a different international zone than the departing ones?

I do this already for remote stands that the arrival bus stop is in another building with another international zone as the departure bus stop.
For normal stands, you get your usual issue that the zones get connect through the stand and you would have only one international zone.

/edit… actually I think this might even work with normal stands. When you turn them to international mode, the international zone is only created at the entrance/exit blocks. So technically there are two international zones which can lead different ways.
As the arriving passenger will then know, “oh, I am assigned to International Zone 2”, he/she uses then the correct passport control. Similar as I use it as mentioned for remote stands where this works very well.

… but I think it won’t work with two separated security zones, this will be the same zone.

No that isn’t my question, but @dneibig reply answered it without confusion :slight_smile:

I have tweaked the wording slightly as there was a typing error there.

My topic isn’t about DEP/ARR segregation (for once :wink: ), it’s much more simple, it’s about does pathfinding understand a non accessible/roamable zone is blocking the path from one part of a secure zone to another. This is assuming that the international zone and both left and right areas are “Secure Zone 1” because they’re all connected.

My guess is, a passenger would attempt to get from left to right or right to left just to access facilities, before or after they follow the checkpoint routes (either DEP or ARR). I’ve noticed passengers will often seek a toilet or shop or bin before proceeding from security search to the outbound immigration checkpoints, or from the inbound immigration checkpoints to the secure exit. They can be inpatient these international travellers!

Yes, and the same goes for staff zones. I know that this is a source of confusion for some players and it is a frequent bug report. Secure zone is what we internally label as a “generic”, while the international zone is a “specific” zone. It’s a two layer system that dates back to the creation of the core of the game and something we cannot change at this point. It works fine but it’s not unlikely that we’d redesign the system today, if we’d have the chance.

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Easily fixed with a small non-International corridor linking the two non-International Zones…

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Thank you @Olof appreciate your info!

Reason I asked was for some design ideas, helpful to know :slight_smile: I expected that to be the situation. It makes sense to be that way to not over complicate it.

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