Quality of Life improvement: make Tier III scanners stop operating while not manned

Just like written above. When the staff changes, the scanner should come to a halt and not let baggage through unchecked until the new security officer is manning it. This could lead to awkward situations of security rating dropping/fines although playing security by the book.

But holding the bags can then cause delays of the planes or incomplete baggage loads.
Technically this should get fined as well. :slight_smile:

True. You still should provide enough personal and staff rooms/toilets near to prevent this. But it should not go like ‘Oh, my shift is over and I leave that thing on. My colleague will be here soon ™ so what bad will happen?’ meanwhile, metric loads of problematic cargo rush through (as these are the drop-outs from the automatic scanners).

Good idea.

It has already been explained to you more than once that the game code is not flexible enough to make it easy to make changes to the gameplay. All these minor bugs with the game will remain. For example, is that when you change the computer on which you play, the indicators change, without any manipulation over them. On one computer, staff satisfaction drops to 55%, on the other it takes off to 88% (checked 2 times). On one computer out of 12k passengers, 7k passengers make purchases, and on the other, out of 23k passengers, only 10%.

We can still talk about it though…

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I am a bit surprised here. In one thread you write, that a suggestion does not add to gameplay thus rendering it irrelevant but then on the other hand you lecture us on how hard it is to change the code to affect gameplay. Making suggestions that add/change gameplay is bad as well?!

In my book it is a severe flaw, when baggage can pass through an unmanned security checkpoint with fine/security rating as existing gameplay elements. We should do something about it or at least ask for something to be done about it no matter how hard it might be. I don’t know - I cannot code. But I can tell that baggage passing through a tier III is a bad thing because here all suspicious baggage checked beforehand runs through and many of them will contain problematic content.

I wonder, whether it would work a bit like the security stations for PAX. When they are not manned, no passenger will pass through unless there is a full staff again. I just wish for such a feature for the tier III scanner.

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This feature, together with node occupying bags, was removed during the alpha phase of the game’s development. Having just a small error like a missing security officer or a conveyor belt in the wrong direction, clogging and backing up the entire system causing the airport to stall, immediately kills the fun for most players - something we discovered first hand as well. Is it realistic? No, but this is a tycoon game and not a simulator and the idea is not to punish poor designs but instead encourage good designs. Airports in Airport CEO are designed through trial and error, not engineered to perfection like most real airports (… with some very notable exceptions :laughing:) and thus there will have to be some significant leeway in its operations in order to make it playable and fun for most.


You mean by ‘slapping us with fines’ (integral game mechanism affecting airport rating) for loading illicit cargo on a flight just because the security guy is on the loo you encourage us to build better designs?!
The only thing I learn from this is to handle my baggage ops like a nuclear power plant with two or three redundant T3s in a line.
Oh well, I do understand your argument: simplification prevents confused users or bug reports that are none but result from faulty design done by the players, but nevertheless I do not agree. For me it kills immersion because that way a sound and logical conveyor belt design produces faulty results by game design - one T3 should always be enough as it ‘only’ checks questionable cargo. Immersion is important for me in a game like this. I think you do not always need to handle players like raw eggs by sanding off every corner of the game. I guess we can handle frustration a bit.


As workaround:
You can route every bag inspected by Tier3 back to Tier1. This will create a loop for those bags until staff is back.

/Edit: I did that several times… sometimes Tier 2 then recognized the content and sent it to the plane

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So…green end of T3 back to T1? If the baggage is already checked and cleared it will go through definitively? Hmm…might try that one out. Sounds better than building 3 T3s in a row and looks a cheaper solution. Still a very awkward solution.

Edit: and also looks like there is an RNG mechnism involved for identifying cargo. By scanning repeatedly we could raise probability of identifying stuff correctly. Wonder, whether that also helps with wrongly destroyed cargo?!

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