Putting the game on Steam Greenlight

I know it’s a concept already on Steam Greenlight but you guys have had so much support that you can just put it on Steam Greenlight right? You don’t have to publish the game right away then, but who knows how long it will take to get accepted to Steam Greenlight. So isn’t it a good idea to just put it on there and while we go vote “yes” develop it further so when it’s in a good state you can publish it immediatly?

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Or we … you know… let them decide and handle it since i’m sure they have thought this through already. :smiley:

Trying to hurry them helps no one.


Regardless of when and how the release is coming, it seems that the developers have taken a kind of new approach to the alpha-concept and will be releasing a really good project. I like that approach. I’ve just turned off my gaming-PC for the time being as I’ve caught myself searching every corner of the web trying to find a place to put my money and get this game.

So take your time guys, I’m going on Leave with the kids for 10 weeks starting in May, so I’m confident that I’ll get to play more than my share of this game.

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I did suggest this to them after the first video, although they didn’t specifically reply. Since we are looking at weeks rather than months, I’d agree with the OP that it would be perfectly reasonable to put the game for a formal green light campaign just now. If you look at the crap that gets shovelled out via Greenlight, this game has clearly been well ahead the competition for some time now. I know that the devs don’t want to release the game until they’re happy (and I commend them for that), I don’t think they’ll have a problem getting the game through green light.

The two problems with green light are:

  1. You rely on votes and you aren’t guaranteed a release - I don’t think Airport CEO will have any difficulties getting enough interest, but it may take longer than expected and it would be a pain for everyone if it was delayed pending Greenlight (not least of all Fredrik and Olof, who are yet to see a single cent for their hours of graft!).
  2. Steam Greenlight is closing down imminently and moving to a pay-to-publish model (price to be determined, but costs of up to $5000 have been mooted).

With a combination of these things, I’d still argue that pushing ahead with Greenlight is entirely reasonable at this stage. Whilst I’m sure the game will be Greenlit in a matter of days, if not hours, you have the time just in case it’s slower than expected, so the game can be released on the day of the developers’ choosing. There won’t be a financial barrier to overcome if Greenlight is scrapped in the interim (hopefully it’s more reasonable than $5k, but it could potentially be a significant amount of money which could again delay the release - not that I want to speculate on Fredrik and Olof’s financial situation!).

Greenlight also gets a bit of hype out there. The people who support the game in Greenlight will be more than just us on the forum and the game will gather a bigger following, so I completely understand that the devs won’t necessarily want that hype to peak too early. But, with the current timescale hinted at by the developers, I think that a Greenlight campaign to coincide with the next (or maybe the last?) video would be a good way to go.


Want to say that first of all, although a useful platform, it doesn’t have to be released on steam. And second of all there are other channels for getting games on Steam. Not sure how it works exactly, but how do all those AAA games get onto steam, I definitely wouldn’t have voted for the new COD!

I suppose other platforms would have negative effects. I personally won’t buy a game from another platform like Origin. Also Steam has good modding support and updating game over Steam is way easier.

Also, since Turkey banned PayPal there is no way I can pay its price by hand. Steam is the best option in payment from Turkey.

And of course… Steam Sales :sunglasses:

With the 5k price tag would come a much more well advertised game, guarantee feature perhaps…

Also imagine the ‘press’ of potentially being the first game onto steam under the new system, bound to get some attraction from them… just a thought,

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Look what i have found

You found…the concept page that has been there for quite a while? :slight_smile:

A concept page is not the same as a greenlight page. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forums btw :slight_smile:

oh … thought thats is the greenlight page :blush:
thanks a lot for the warmly welcome

Hey, we’re all excited fans here. You’re not the only one who can’t wait :smiley:

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Steam Direct will have a $100 fee (862Kr). That’s good news for the devs if Steam Direct does launch prior to Airport CEO’s release - it’s a manageable fee that they will definitely recoup within about ten minutes of going live on Steam.


Yes, this was fairly good news for us.


As of June 6 2017 Steam Greenlight has been retired. But Steam Direct starts in about 6 day from the retired date

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It’s addressed in today’s devlog! :slight_smile:


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