Pushback issues

I have a pushback truck for all my gates more then enough the gates land they fuel up load up luggage and people inspections are done but they do not pushback. any ideas why this might happen? no planes will leave unless I manually dismiss I have taxi entrance and exits for each runway. its starting to drive me nutts

Do you have a screenshot of what is going on?

there you go

On those screens cleaning is still in progress. The pushback truck is waiting for that to finish first.

how long does cleaning usually take? also seems the cleaning gets stuck at the percentage shown in screenshot

I’m not sure, but make sure you’ve got enough trucks as they have to drop the trash at the garbage depot before moving to the next flight.

where would the garbage depo be located?

Where did you build it?

I don’t even see it in buildable items?

Should be somewhere next to deicing and catering

I am not sure where I got the catering building from though can’t seem to find it :confused:

Did you switch from experimental to default branch lately? I see alpha 31 on your screen so i think you might need to switch to experimental for it.

Thanks and yeah that fixed it I feel so stupid ugh

It can happen. Try to remember turning the new turnaround services off before switching back to default next time. At least untill they reach the default branch that is.

Is there a timeline for them to reach the default branch? I’m still playing without them :slight_smile:

That’s a question for the devs. I believe it was mentioned that during the vacation season there would only be debugging so i wouldn’t expect it too soon.

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