Push back tug stuck

Vehicle stuck on the new update. Would not shift even after selling and a re-set of veichle paths but a re-load got rid of it so cannot upload my save game as the bug would not be there…


A screen shot doesn’t go us much good, however if you have an earlier auto save or something like that it’d be perfect for looking at this bug. Do you have that available? In any case I could also possibly take a look at this current save, i.e. the latest save you have. But if you have a save prior to the bug happening that’d of course be the best.

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I’ve also had this bug before when I dismissed a flight manually through the stand menu. However, the pushback tug doesn’t seem to recognize that the flight is gone and continues to proceed to “pushback” nothing, and eventually gets stuck after the “pushback” is complete.

Does this occur on 25.3-2 as well?

Mine was on 25-3.2 and it was after I dismissed an aircraft as it was running late but the tug was already enroute so I agree it is something with what davethebannana says.

Have filed my save as ACEO-3582

Looking at this issue now but can’t reproduce it, I have however made a few small adjustments that might mitigate the origin of the issue if they are what I presume they are… if anyone else has this issue I’d be glad to hear about it.

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