Provide self-service AV Gas 100LL/ Jet Fuel A1 gas station for GA flights

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I took a flight recently from Wangerooge to mainland and saw a gas pump on the stand at the airport. Having those would most likely make operations more easily.

Consider the stand having an AVGas/Jetfuel tank with let us say 2500 or 5000 litres capacity. The fuel truck will fill this internal tank and come to refill, when 10% or lower content. When a small GA or commercial plane lands either the pilot or the ramp agents will service the fuel needs of the plane without the need of calling a vehicle reducing response time for your fuel tankers and reducing vehicle traffic on your airport which might have a positive impact on game performance. The logic circuit for ordering fuel is already implemented into the fuel depots so I can imagine something like this could work.

Your opinions?


i would ask the mods to move this to feature voting, sounds like a great idea

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Good idea, moved to feature voting.

This would be very good!

Wouldn’t it be logical if instead of having a tank at a every stand, there would be a network of pipes that could feed a cluster of stands?


I thought of it like my made proposal, because the mechanism (having a tank ordering fuel) already exists in the code. The devs could use stuff from the fuel depot directly to make this true rather quickly. And, I strongly believe, there was a tank underneath the stand. I do not think, airports would do a pipeline system because of costs and environmental issues.

P.S.: a pipeline system would be too expensive to buy at the early stages of the game while a simple underground tank with gas pump is quite affordable.

The devs have talked in the past about a pipeline for fuel being the top level research for fuel once they consider adding utilities!

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True and I can totally imagine this on a large metropolitan airport with lots of large planes arriving and departing. But not on a regional airfield with some small stands. But the latter was my suggestion about. But Iike where this could lead to.

For large airports it’s definitely a piped system. Generally the tanks are placed some distance away from the terminal / populated areas at a Fuel Farm and can be above or below ground. Then pipes run to the stands where it is available via fuel hydrants and pumped to the airplane using a hydrant cart.

Some info and pictures on the setup at JFK Meccon Industries, Inc. – Mechanical & Process Construction | Aviation Construction Projects
Hydrant carts:


I know, but this was about small stands for small airports. Make it upgradeable to pipelines later to save the fuel trucks would be an option to go. But when buying a fuel truck is the first step, then stand-deployed tanks is step 2 and pipelines the third and final step.

There is another possibility, realizable für GA. Like the de-icing stops a tank stop at a gas station.

(seen on the small only-GA-airport Aachen, Germany):

Unfortunately, it is not easily recognizable in the photos, but it is like a petrol station with petrol pumps, to which the aircraft roll up and the pilots refuel their planes as we refuel our cars.

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I thought about just this. It is very small to see, but can you recognize the small gas station between the 3 planes? Just such a thing. I saw it from the plane after landing. 2 small petrol fuel pumps possibly for Jetfuel A! and AVGas 100LL. This was just the thing that made me write this suggestion.

Yes, I recognize it well.
Looks like the same principle as in Aachen. Not assigned to a stand, but the plane has to taxi there.

Nice! :slightly_smiling_face:

I like the idea of an small gas station upgrade for small stands which gets refilled by a fuel truck. As all current fuel trucks are oversized for current GA flights it would save a fleet of trucks.

I like the separate gas station, similar to a de-icing pad, even more. Honestly a gas station for each small stand wouldn’t be that realistic. It still can be refilled by fuel trucks or by pipeline once they get into the game.

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I like this thought even more than my original thought of equipping a small stand with a fuel pump. When de-icing pads are implemented, such a thing could be feasible as well - a fuel station for GA planes, maybe serviced by one ramp agent. Just giving GA a bit more love. This is what a good community can do: an idea passes hither to yonder and something good emerges :slight_smile:


Possibly you should edit your opening post and title then, to point to this new idea before the next feature voting starts. :slight_smile:

I renamed the topic to reflect my actual thoughts on the matter. Refueling GA flights could in a certain way work like de-icing at a dedicated gas station.


  • have GA refuel at dedicated gas station that is accessible like a de-icing pad
  • can be refueled by any AVGas100LL and JetFuel A1 trucks for the according type of fuel
  • holds 5.000 liters of each fuel
  • GA flight (and MAYBE commercial small ones like Cessna-types) is either refueled by GA pilots (so we might see them finally) or by 1 ramp agent getting there via service car (worse solution as it could cause high traffic). I guess, self-service is best.

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