Problems with Taxiway Node

After I made the taxiway bigger (from 3 to 5) I alsso made the taxiway nodes new and after that no airplanes are moving, the are all waiting for a free runway but 1 plain is blocking everything. Pls Help xd

Pls show us some photos of your airport

You don’t have any holding points to any of your runways, which is why the pathfinding is getting confused. :slight_smile:

How are Holding Points working? I’m placing them normally before and after the runway

Maybe it’s the image quality, but I can’t seem to see any (my bad if they’re there)? The node should go red for a holding point I think?

no your eyes are fine, i deleted them a few minutes before the pcture because I wanted to see if this will ix my problem

Put them back in at all the points you would normally and then reload your save, should solve the problem :slight_smile:

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Thank you, It’s working again xd


No worries, glad to hear :slight_smile:

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